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“Sorry, I can’t come in to work. I have to watch my video!”

It is always lovely to get feedback from clients. Having spent weeks and days editing and fine-tuning a video it’s great to know we’ve lived up to expectations. On the shelf, here in our office, we have a row of lovely ‘thank-you’ cards from recent weddings.

Most recently we had an editing session with Huw and Bethan for their Wedding Video. They liked it, but it wasn’t until later we found out to what extent.

Last night they sent us this email to say how much they liked it:

“Hi both,

Thanks for the DVDs, we had them last Tuesday but haven’t emailed you sooner because we’ve been watching it non stop ever since!! Beth’s work even rang yesterday to ask her if she was intending to go back in…

We can’t quite believe how good it is so thank you both so much. Even though we saw the rough cut in your studio, now we’ve seen the finished article we can really appreciate all the time and effort you’ve put into it. You’ve obviously got the technical know-how but what we particularly liked is your attention to detail and that every bit of footage is so artistic. We’ve been amazed by all the little details about our day you managed to record, not just us enjoying the day but all the stuff we missed when we were in other places. Those bits of footage have been great to watch – like seeing our guests chatting, playing games and enjoying themselves. You’ve captured the mood and atmosphere of the day perfectly, it’s just how we remember it. It’s been an absolute joy to watch and we’ll treasure it forever!

Thank you both again,

Huw & Bethan”

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