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11 Years On

Reminiscing… My Dad got me into photography when I was a kid. I’d climb the rickety stepladder to the attic and help him process prints in the dark room. He made photo montages like this one, with all my family on an inch high train, 25 years before Photoshop was created. For my 14th birthday I was given an Olympus OM10 and took my own photos. Then dabbled with video, before embarking on a Degree in Media. Eventually I was teaching Film and Photography.

In 1997 an ex-housemate, Tim, asked if I’d take some informal shots at his wedding to the lovely Claire. I took a load of black and white shots, and they really liked them. (In fact even now the shot at the top of our web page is the back of Tim & Claire’s heads.)

That was 11 years ago – since then Naomi & I have been fortunate to make a career of recording many other people’s weddings. We consider this no small privilege. Last weekend Tim & Claire came to visit us with their gorgeous family. It was great to get together, reminisce, and think of all those people who help shape our lives. Thanks Dad. Thank you Tim & Claire.


  1. Claire

    it was great to catch up again at the weekend, you have such fab photos, next time we come across we’ll book in a proper photo shoot, love the one you posted though!

  2. Holly

    thanks for sharing this little glimpse into how you got started… your work is truly amazing, and i’m glad you share some of your beautiful images with us!
    the only thing i wish, is that you lived on this side of the pond… so i could take some lessons from you! 🙂

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