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Great Expectations

The last few months have turned out to be a fruitful time for us in several ways.

Firstly we were very pleasantly surprised to discover that Naomi is expecting. The baby is due in March and we are thrilled.

We are also very excited because today we finally received our sample wedding album from the fabulous KISS company of California.

It’s a beautiful full-grain leather bound 10” square album, which lays completely flat on each spread.

It’s available in 6 different colours, and each page is a whopping 2mm thick.

You can see samples of our layouts here, but the album itself is too utterly gorgeous to do it justice in pictures, so get in touch to come and see it and get yours designed!

To celebrate we are offering all our past clients a massive £150 discount off any order placed before 25th November 2008. (If you want your album by Christmas we’d advise placing your order by 15th November)

Look at the cute protective canvas bag each album comes in.

Now that we’ve got our albums sorted, we are taking the opportunity to revamp our photography packages including Pre-wedding/ Engagement shoots or Post-wedding sessions (aka Trash the Dress or Take 2). Watch this space for examples of these. We are known for the simplicity of our all-inclusive package, so don’t worry – our current basic option still exits!

And finally, we’ve just received our brand new iPhone. And we love it (and the new iPods). And so we will be offering iPod/iPhone versions of your photos or video for slideshows in the palm of your hand. How fun to show these to friends and family at Christmas!

In all it’s been an exciting few months – and can only get better.

So what have you been up to?


  1. Chrissie

    Just have to say, LOVING that last photo. What a beautiful beautiful little bump. Brought a tear to my eye that did. SOOOOO happy for you xx

  2. Agnieszka

    Congratulations to both of you! I’m so, so, so happy and excited for you =) The albums are really beautiful, but, to tell you the truth, once I read about the baby, I didn’t pay much attention to anything else 😉 This is such wonderful news! 😀

  3. Natlie & Giles Dugdale

    Hello Vince and Naomi, not sure if you will remember Giles and my-self, but we got married at caerphilly castle in May 2007. We were going through emails that we don’t get to very often and found one from your-selves about the wedding albums. From there I got on to your blog and saw that Naomi is expecting, We wanted to wish you both congratulations.

    Natalie & Giles

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