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Sam and Matt’s Campervan Wedding Preview

Samantha and Matthew’s pride and joy is a gorgeous VW ‘splitty’ samba called Sydney, so it was only natural he’d be there for their wedding day. This was a  treat for Vince as he also owned an old Camper, that he loved.

This is just a teaser for the forthcoming video of their wonderful Slebech Park wedding.


  1. Hi both…..LOVE IT!!! I’m so excited about seeing the whole thing – can’t wait, this clip was amazing! Just to let you know, Sydney is now available for wedding hire! So many people have asked us over the years, so we’ve decided to share him! Hope you’re both well, Love Sam & Matt xxx

  2. Natalie Powell

    Loving the short caption of Sam & Matt’s wedding! Cannot wait to see the full version!! What a memorable day! Nat & Mike xxx

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