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Wedding at the remotest spot in Wales – Misha and Huw

Today we’ll start with a story.

The premise is – ‘What would you do if your wedding car broke down in the remotest spot in Wales?

But no ‘bumpy road ahead’ is going to throw our lovely couple off track!

Fortunately the story is our work of fiction, but Misha and Huw’s lovely, intimate wedding was held at the fantastic Soar Y Mynydd chapel – the remotest meeting house in the country. And though small in number – the day was joyous, romantic and unique.

After a very moving ceremony everyone went out into the sunshine where the picnic hampers were broken out, delicious cakes cut and hot drinks served.

Then the harpist jollied the guests into an impromptu ceilidh dance. It was wonderful!

After the guests left Misha and Huw spent a bit of quiet time in this most beautiful of spots in Mid Wales

It was lovely to be asked to take Huw and Misha’s pictures. They’re a great couple and we wish them well with their amazing furniture restoration business. All of their photos are available now in our Client’s Gallery

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