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Preseli winter wedding at Gellifawr with Frances and Dylan

Frances and Dylan’s wedding took place high on the Preseli mountains during the heaviest bout of snow of the winter! We couldn’t let them down so we hired neighbours with 4-by-4’s to ensure we got there and back again. We are so glad to have been with them – it was a wondrous day.


Gellifawr looked fabulous in the snow (and wait for our next post for the weather a week later!)

Frances seemed to spend the whole day beaming ear-to ear!

A precipitous journey off the mountain to nearby Dinas was made by coach, with the driver being given a round of applause at the end.

Having safely made it to the church, the emotions began to show…

And Frances & Dylan’s minister, Becky, gave an inspirational sermon. Following the service the journey just to the front gate along the treacherously icy path was quite eventful. Dress shoes are seemingly useless on snow and ice!

Back at Gellifawr we took time out for some intimate portraits, then onto some family group shots.

The reception was lovely, with more than a few embarrassing tales shared!

It was a wonderful day, and in spite of heavy snow falling as we left we made it home safely.

A slideshow of all Frances and Dylan’s pictures can now be viewed (and images ordered) on our gallery site

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