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A Pembrokeshire wedding with Becca and Sam, at Llys Meddyg

The little coastal town of Newport, Pembrokeshire had a busy day for weddings the second Saturday in September – there were 4 going on at the same time! But we got the best one to photograph with Becca & Sam’s lovely day with great friends and family!

Sam and his entourage got to use the wonderfully characterful Lllys Meddyg ‘Restaurant with Rooms’ to primp and preen themselves…

They then braved a brief downpour to relax in the pub next door, and so that Becca and her party could come in and take ownership of the rooms for their preparations.

The dress was astonishing with exquisite filigree and lacework, and Becca lived up to it in equal beauty.

The car was a truly authentic classic – an  Austin Ascot, that took Becca and her dad the short journey to St Mary’s Church in the village.

Throughout the ceremony the couple’s expressions clearly revealed the level of devotion they have for each other.

The church grounds overlooking the bay was a great spot for the group photos, then it was on to The Parrog for some time with just Becca & Sam.

Back at the reception one of  Becca’s friends was providing some glorious soulful music, whilst guests mingled and enjoyed yummy food.

The coconut shy was a a great hit and appropriately Sam was the first to win himself one.

This pose was our take on an America Gothic/landed gentry portrait session. Sam and Becca carried it off perfectly.

We loved both the decor of Llys Meddyg and the cute, folksy style with which Becca had decorated the garden, marquee and restaurant. (She handmade her own bunting!)

We had a fabulous day, and it was an honour to be invited along to capture it.

The complete gallery of  Sam & Becca’s photos can now be seen via the ‘Clients’ link on our  Wedding Photography web site, with a discount until 11th October for any print purchases.

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