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Lisa and Sam’s wedding at Caerphilly Castle

Just going back to a wedding from early September that we didn’t get a chance to blog in order, because we were ridiculously insanely busy!!

I’m sure every bride fervently hopes that by the morning of the wedding everything is sorted out and everybody knows their jobs. Poor Lisa seemed to spend most of her morning on the phone – I could have picked from half a dozen such pictures of her! Fortunately there were lots of smiles too while she smoothed out the last minute creases. 🙂 Here are some of our favourite images from Lisa and Sam’s beautiful day at Caerphilly Castle – we’ve got rather a lot of favourites but I’m sure you’ll agree that Lisa is ridiculously cute, which makes it very hard to pick only a few!!

I love how the castle is right in the middle of all the shops, but once you get inside it is such a stately, imposing setting. This strikes me every time we work there. I adore the windows!!

Lisa was very excited about her cake, and about what everyone’s reaction to it would be. So this layer looks like a traditional romantic wedding cake doesn’t it? With a nice James Bond vibe going on…

…but then you get the Thunderbirds layer!…

…and then the SpongeBob SquarePants layer!!!

We love people who want to be completely unique and add a little surprise into their day. 🙂

Not to be outdone, Sam had a surprise of his own after dinner. Lisa doesn’t just love strawberries…it’s an obsession! And these were undoubtedly the best chocolate-coated strawberries you’ve ever seen, a real work of art. I don’t think Sam could have chosen a better surprise. 🙂

We had a really memorable day and evening with Lisa and Sam and we wish them every possible happiness together. All their images can be seen by following the Clients link on our Wedding Photography web site.


  1. Sam Woolley

    Thank you very much for coming we couldn’t have had a better start to married life and you both worked very hard to make sure we had the proof!

    • Carlie

      What a beautiful wedding! And wonderful photography! I have booked this venue next year, Sam I was wondering, did you have your meal there or did you go somewhere else?

      Thanks so much!


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