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Bridal Take Two Session in the woods

If your man is not quite so into having his photo taken as you are, here’s a fun alternative: Ruth decided to have a Take Two session on her own as an anniversary surprise for her husband!  We made her a fun book of images and a big wall canvas to give him. This gorgeous sunny session happened some while ago but of course we couldn’t post about it until the surprise was over! And after you’ve looked at the images of Ruth having a lovely time looking stunning, I’ll let you into the whole story. 🙂

I absolutely loved working in this location – we spend so much time on windswept beaches that this beautiful dappled-light wood and orchard were a really refreshing change.

Now then, you’ll never guess the ending: Ruth and Aaron were actually celebrating their TENTH wedding anniversary, and at the time these photos were taken Ruth was pregnant with their 5th child!!! Doesn’t she look amazing?! And what a lovely way to get some me-time as a busy mum. We think it’s a fabulous idea. Now imagine the logistics of arranging a photoshoot and keeping it a secret from not only from Aaron but from all the other children who would have had to keep quiet for a LOOONG time! We had lots of help and LOTS of laughs in the process. 🙂

So….if your man thinks you just can’t surprise him any more….we’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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