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Soar Y Mynydd Chapel Wedding with Esyllt and Ben

We spent Saturday at Esyllt and Ben’s relaxed, laid-back and completely beautiful wedding at the very remote Soar y Mynydd chapel, and Tregaron Memorial Hall. We loved it so much that we couldn’t resist blogging about it right away, instead of waiting until all the images are edited. Enjoy. 🙂

All the photos will be edited and up on line on our Wedding Photography client gallery by the weekend of the 21st.


  1. David J Edwards

    The Photos are Absolutely Stunning and bring out the Spring time at Soar y Mynydd Chapel.

  2. Esyllt Sears

    We’re still on honeymoon but have just viewed these for probably the 25th time already! They are such wonderful pictures and they really reflect how we felt on that day (I particularly like the one of me and my dad at the house!). We had an amazing time and thank you for making it so much easier for us. With some images in there, I had no idea you were even taking them! Diolch!

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