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Two Pre-Wedding Shoots

We are so behind with blogging!!! It’s been an immensely busy summer, but now that we’ve got this lovely new-look blog I’m keen to do lots of catch-up posts over the next couple of weeks. I’ll start with this very GREEN post! These two pre-wedding shoots both happened back in April. Catrin and Aled wanted to go to their favourite beach at Penbryn; we met at the top of the road and took a long slow walk through the woods to get to the beach. Spring had not really come to the rest of the country at this point, but in this lush little valley it was in full bloom.


Catrin was actually the one who spotted this little natural cathedral – two fallen trees that had been down so long that practically whole new trees had sprouted upwards off the trunks. It was gorgeous.


Any day now I will blog Catrin and Aled’s actual wedding!!

In complete contrast, we ventured inland for Suzanne and Hefin’s pre-wedding shoot, where we spent an idyllic couple of hours wandering Hefin’s family estate. We walked the dogs, spotted Red Kites, hunted for early bluebells, and had Penyfan – the highest peak in the Brecon Beacons – in the background from every direction! Vince and I love hiking and exploring the countryside as much as these two so we were totally spoilt – it really wasn’t like working at all.


Suzanne and Hefin’s absolute stunner of a wedding is blogged here – their amazing Take Two shoot is still to come!


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