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Naomi & Vince on the balcony of the Studio

Hi, I’m Vince. When I was a teenager I used to come home from school to find my dad photographing fashion divas in the living room! How could I not take an interest in photography?! Eventually all my dad’s kit was handed down to me, and although we’ve long turned digital I’ve barely been without a camera in my hand since.

I trained in Media, and taught Film, Photography and Communications for 15 years until we moved out to the beautiful and inspirational countryside of west Wales and started our own business.

Other things I love besides photography – the film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” scrambling, hiking, bike-riding, and my cat. And last year I achieved my goal of running a half-marathon – twice! A full marathon this year perhaps?

Hello, I’m Naomi and I’m a hopeless romantic. Possibly that makes me the ideal person to photograph your most amazing day…so far. I can seriously say I’ve never seen a bride who wasn’t take-my-breath-away stunning. I get welled up just saying it – see what I mean about hopeless?! But there’s something about your wedding day that imparts an extra grace and fabulousness, and it’s not just The Dress. I want you to look at your photos and feel that way again.

I’ve been all arty my whole life, in spite of four brothers trying to knock it out of me. My degrees are in Performing Arts and Literature. I love to paint, and I play the piano and flute and I sing sing sing! I have directed choirs and drama productions and nothing beats finding the beauty and creativity in someone and helping them see it for themselves. I like sunny days, deep breaths, running as fast as I can, and Chelsea FC.

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  1. My Wife & I got married @ Mwnt on 16th April 2005. My Mother and all her side of the Family are born and bred Cardi’s. 2 of my Uncle’s and 1 of my Anut’s have lived in Cardigan all their lives. Such a wonderful place and Mwnt really is something special. We were lucky with the weather for April and had some stunning photos taken over looking the beach. All my muisc friends from London could not believe how stunning the Chapel is 😉

    Kind regards

    Mathew Frost

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